Are you selling at the Right Price?

Why Us?

Your property's selling price is the determining factor of having it sold in the shortest possible time.
Homes that are priced more than the  fair market value of the property will not be expected to sell, in turn scaring off potential buyers.

Home-buyers look for properties in price ranges. If your houses' selling price is too high, potential buyers will not take the time to look at the property. Buyers know what they are looking for and they know how to categorise properties through cost.

Your potential buyers would then look into similar houses, which were offered by your competitors at more reasonable prices, making them the more attractive to buy.

Houses, which have been for-sale for extended periods of time, will soon be branded as "shopworn properties." These properties drive away agents and buyers.

Selling your house for a price that is too low also causes obvious problems. Though this can attract buyers, you are also incurring a huge profit loss.

The goal is to sell your property at the cost fairest to you and your potential buyers. This also insures that you will have it sold in a in the shortest time possible.

You are now left with a task, which is to determine the right price for your property. That price will be your FMV or fair market value price. This value will be the amount which a potential buyer is willing to pay the seller, and the price the seller will be willing to accept in exchange for the property.

A great resource to help you determine your FMV would be comparative market analysis. This is an analysis that judges your house's value as it is placed in comparison to similar houses in your area that had been bought during a recent time and/or of those which are currently being sold.

A comparative market analysis provides you information about these houses with regards to their features.

These features may include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the number of square metres and special features such as swimming pools and fire-places. The report will also include the propertys' listing price and the actual price it had been bought for.

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