Open House Checklist

A checklist of important things to do before your Open House.

  • Prior to Inspection Day: Interior

    • Wash walls and ceilings (check for neccesary wallpaper replacement or repainting)
    • Wipe doors and windows clean.
    • Check lights and see of any bulbs need replacing
    • Clean all electric appliances.
    • Scrub clean bathroom and remove any stubborn mould and mildew build up.
    • Replace or clean out shower curtain
  • Exterior

    • Check the fences and the mail box.
    • Clear out any stray creepers and tree branches
    • Clean up the lawn
    • Trim the lawn
    • Clear the pool from floating debris and make sure the water is clean
    • Clean the tiles surrounding the pool
  • On inspection day:

    • Put in fresh towels in the bathroom and replace mats
    • Put fresh flowers in the vases
    • On a hot day, turn the airconditioner on
    • On a cool day, turn the heater on
    • Have the beds neatly covered with fresh and crisp sheets and have everything in their places.
  • Exterior:

    • Sweep off any clutter on the paves and paths
    • Clear the yard from all garden debris
    • Remove any pool equipment and store it away