How Do We Do It?

The Real Estate Internet Selling Process

Our Selling Process

  • The Listing Process

    A Real Estate Internet agent will come over to conduct a property inspection. After its actual features had been established, it will then be compared to similer homes in the area and what prices they sold at. This part of the listing process will provide us with with an idea as to what your property's selling price should be.

    Real Estate Internet will then propose a selling price for your property. Once the price had been agreed upon, you will be then required to arrange for the documents which we will need in order to permit us to do the selling for you. Then, the advertising process will follow.

  • The Advertising Process

    You will then choose the manner of advertising which you would want for the sale. These methods primarily includes taking photos of your property and then presenting your property to the public through the media you have chosen. You can choose to have your property advertised in the Real Estate section of the local paper, through flyers or through the internet as in email and web marketing.

    You will be in charge of the advertising, it will be your choice to allow special advertising features. Your Real Estate Internet agent will help you come up with the most appropriate way to market your property at the cost most convenient to you.

  • Inspections

    We will present you the most effective advertising strategies for your property. We will take care of the whole process. Thus, each enquiry will pass through us for qualification to make sure that you will only be dealing with the most potential buyers.

    We will never conduct an inspection without informing you first. We will contact you and inform you of an upcoming inspection to arrange a schedule as to when the inspection should be held. In cases when the property is being marketed for profit, we will have your tenants informed a day before the the inspection will take place.

    During the inspection, we will show the prospects the your propert, afterwards, we will keep you fully updated as to the outcome.

  • Contract Signing

    When we have an offer that suits you, the contract signing will follow. All the involved parties will then be required to sign the said contract. The contract will state all that had been agreed upon by you and your buyer.

    The contract will also state the date when the agreed deposit is to be paid. Once it is paid, your property will then be UNDER CONTRACT.

    Under Contract

    If such a situation takes place, the seller will then be given 14 days to refund the deposited amount for the property.

    A day period can be alloted for the buyer in order for him/ her to secure the funds to purchase the property or for him/her to have a satisfactory report from a pest and building inspection agency.



    When you have an offer that suits you, the contract signing will follow. All the involved parties will then be required to sign the said contract. THe contrct will state all that had been agrred upon by you and your buyer.



    Solicitors from the buyer and the seller's side will then arrange to meet and agree about the property now sold to the buyer. This also includes honoring changes in the title documents and etc. as supported by necessary paperwork. The buyer will then hand your solicitor the payment and the settlement is complete once the payment clears.